Welcome To Nil’s World – About Me

Welcome To Nil's World

Hey everyone, First of all welcome to Nil’s World. My name is Nil . I want to give some details about me. I love fashion especially shoes and I love shoes all my life 🙂 have followed fashion all my life. I have very good about shoes and I also trow away many shoes because of my wide feet.  I want to give you some tips and my advise about shoes in this blog. Trend Shoes For Women is only for women and only for you.

Welcome To Nil’s World

I founded Trend Shoes For Women blog and I think I have to share my favorite things about shoes with everyone in this blog. which shoes are good for which women? what is the trend shoes of the year? Which shoes is for ages? which shoes are good for your dress?

I will try to give advice for you. If you need help when you go to party or wedding or etc.. You can get in touch with me any time. I will be glad to give some advice….Nil's world trend shoes for women- about me.

If you join and share with me your thinking about shoes or fashion things I will be very very glad. Your thinking is very important for me to develop the blog.

if you don’t have idea when you go to some special meeting or wherever you can contact with me I can try to give some advise about shoes or clothes.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read my writing.

Anyways, I wish you all the best in your life!

PS: English is my second language so I can use sometimes wrong words. I want. to sorry for it.  If you don’t understand anything please let me know I will be very glad. Thank you in advance.

Have a beautiful day!!!


Founder of Trend Shoes For Women
email. nil@trendshoesforwomen.com