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The wedding seasons has already started. As everyone knows that most of the weddings are in the summer. Every couples has planning their wedding from winter. What kind of wedding ceremony ? Will it big or small wedding?  Where will it be ? What kind of wedding dresses will she wear ? The wedding shoes for bride is very important so what kind of wedding shoes are good? Which wedding cake will it be? more… more….

The bride must be very careful when she choice her shoes because it is very effect the wedding dress and shoes. I will give some advises when she buy the wedding shoes what she has to be attention.

1- Flat Wedding Shoes For Bride;

You will wear her shoes all day. Her feet will swell and her shoes can be damage feet therefore she has to buy soft leather wedding shoes from 2 months before the wedding day. She has to wear them one hour in everyday so her shoes will get used to her foot. Therefore she can dance in all the wedding day. I am giving some ideas below:

2- Platform Wedding Shoes For Bride;

If you are not tall and also if you choice the fish style wedding dress you need extra cm. The platform shoes will help to you in this way. These shoes are very comfortable and useful to wear for a long hours. But as you know these shoes are hard style so when you are walking you have to be careful to twist your ankle!!! I am giving some ideas below:

3- Wedge Heel Wedding Shoes For Bride;

This is another comfortable heel for a long hours. There are many kinds of this heel, low wedge, high wedge, wedge with platform etc….If you always wear the same shoes throughout the wedding, the platformed heel shoes are the best choice for you. But you don’t forget that these shoes are hard style so when you walking be careful. I am giving some ideas below:

4- Low Heel Wedding Shoes For Bride;

If you are tall, if you cannot walking with high heel shoes, if you don’t like high heel shoes or if you want to dance all the wedding party, these heels are for you. I am giving some ideas below:

5- High Heel Wedding Shoes For Bride;

I love high heel shoes but I don’t suggest to wear high heel shoes in your wedding ceremony. You will use it all day and evening. You will not have the opportunity to have fun because of the pain of your feet. If you wear always high heels in your life maybe you can wear them but if you don’t habit to wear high heel, please do not think it!!! I also give some high heel shoes below:


If you need some idea about your wedding shoes Please contact with me I will be very glad to help you.

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