The Best Walking Shoes For Women


Today’s writing should be about the best walking shoes for women. When we buy walking shoes what should we pay attention to ? How should the heel part of your shoe be ? Should shoes be light or heavy ? etc… A few years before, running shoes were used in walking, but now the walking is considered as a serious sport, sport companies have started to produce walking shoes.

The walking is the most popular sport in working people. They are now trying to walk on every occasion because the working person is sitting at the desk during the day and they couldn’t move at all. They are trying to evaluate even the smallest amount of time with action so the walking is the best way for them in their break time.

If you have a dog, you will have to go out for a walk a few times a day. Which means you are acting extensively. You need to relax your feet while doing these walks and you need a comfortable walking shoe.

If you choose your hiking shoe correctly, you will walk longer and keep a better form as you will be more comfortable walking. If you want to lose weight at the same time, you will lose weight because you walk longer. Before what is top 10 walking shoes? I want to explain how is the best walking shoes for women?

How is the best walking shoes for women?

1- Light 

When you walk you will be more effort with heavy shoes and you will be tried in short time. So you have to get the light shoes.

2- Flexible:

If you buy hard shoes your steps will be difficulty because of your feet problem. So your shoes have some flexibility that you can walk comfortable. How do we get the flexible walking shoes? Before you buy it you hold the shoe on your hand and fold them in half. If it stay at some level ( if it is not fold full. ) it is good to buy it.

3- Flat Heel:

When you buy the walking shoes you have to look flat shoes which is max 8 millimetres.

4-Your toes should move freely

The front of shoe should be wide enough to allow your toes to move freely and there should be a suitable space ( 1 cm ) in this part. Before the shopping you can walk min 30 minutes or when you try the shoes go up the stairs.


If your shoes are not breathable, even if you wear cotton socks, your feet will become wet so you have to choose breathable material when you buy the walking shoes


The heel should be comfortable as it touches the heel floor first before walking. The cushioning on the shoe will protect you from the bumps that you are walking through.

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