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Yes, finally summer came !!! we started to wear the summer clothes and shoes. Women always prefer sandals shoes in summer. Now I will give some idea about sandals shoes for women that women always prefer to change their sandals shoes every summer. Let’s see the most popular of sandals shoes for women.

1- Sport Sandals Shoes For Women

These sport sandal shoes are prefered when you go travelling, shopping and in relaxing time because these are very comfortable. When you wear it you can walk many hours but you can not feel anything about tried.  When you wear them you feel ” my feet are a bird now they will fly 🙂 

2- Flat Heel Sandals shoes For Women

These flat heels sandals shoes are also comfortable and stylish. If you are classic person your choice will be them. You can wear them when you go to the meeting, shopping, to meet with your friends. when you want you can wear them.

3- Low Heel Sandals Shoes For Women

This is also comfortable sandals. If you go to a formal meeting and you want to be stylish and at the same time you want to wear a comfortable shoes or you are tall women and you want to be stylish but you don’t want to be longer more ….these shoes are for you. 

4-Wedge Heel Sandals Shoes For Women

This is one of other comfortable heels shoes. You can use them anytime or in anywhere you want because it is high heel, comfortable and also stylish. You have one of wedge shoes in your wardrobe. When you are tried and you must to go some important meeting or dinner these shoes will be you saviour.

5- High Heel Sandals Shoes For Women

You want to be womenly, stylish and longest these shoes are for you. You can wear them to meet friends, to go to meeting and formal / informal area. I believe that one shoe changes your style these are those shoes. You can wear what  you want it could be stylish or not if you wear these clothes with the stylish shoes everything can change

6- Gladiator Sandals Shoes For Women

This model shoes are one of classic. They produce new models in every year and every women have some model of gladiator sandals in their life. They are different, modern and comfortable to wear dance or formal dinner. you can wear them when you want. 

7- Wedding Sandals Shoes For Women

The bridge always dreams their wedding. what will she wear? which wedding dress is better? is there any lace? maybe little classic or little modern?  which shoes are better? how many people will be invited? which colour flowers will be used? more more… All day she will be active so I prefer comfortable shoes but most of them prefer high heel shoes. I can show both kind shoes. Let ‘s see. 

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