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Every women like to wear ankle boots. They are very comfortable and stylish. We are using every seasons, winter, fall, summer and spring. You can make easy combination with dress but some times it could be horrible if you don’t know exactly your legs. I will give some details about how to wear ankle boots with dress.

How to Wear Ankle Boots With Dress ?

Dress and ankle boots …. How would it be? It is impossible … No, you can wear ankle boots with dress. Whether your style is classic or ethical, you can customize your ankle boots every time you want. The designs on the boats are very wide in this year. Silver shiny boots, embroidered boots, red patent boots, suede boots, etc. and you have the luxury of wearing them when you want them.

Ankle boots are very stylish and very comfortable. You can combine easy it with dress.

Ankle boots have increased in popularity in recent years. The most important reasons for working ladies to choose these boots

Ankle Boot / Booties Advantages

1- They should be very useful compared to long draws
2- They are addressing every subject.
3 – You can easily combine every outfit.
4- Suitable for every body type.
5- They appeal to all ages.

Ankle Boot / Booties Disadvantages

1- You may have difficulty choosing by body type.
2-At first you may have difficulty with combos.
3- At first you may feel uncomfortable because you are used to shoes and long sketches.

Like I said, it always takes time to get used to it in the first place. But once you buy your boots on your wrist, you will be out of your hands.

There are some tips – How To Choose Ankle Boot ?

Colors Of Ankle Boots:

When you buy an ankle boots you can choose neutral colors, these are black, brown. You can also try white, gray and nude.  Gold and silver can be used, these colors are the most popular in this year.


Tip To Buy Ankle Boots:

When you combine please be careful mixing contrasting colors. For example white dress with black shoes. It will be short leg.

High Heels Ankle Boots:

 To be long legs You can try the ankle boots with long heels


Tip For Thick Legs :

If you have thick legs you can choose the extended of boot’s cuff. Your legs will be slimmer.

Some Tips For Short Legs: 

  • You can use short dress, pencil skirts or shorts. Your legs will be longer
  • When you use socks you can use same color with ankle boots
  • If you have short legs avoid to use the embroidered and fancy boots
  • when you use long heels you can use thin heels. You will be sophisticated.

Let’s see a some examples of this year;


How to Wear Ankle Boots With Dress Video

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2 Replies to “How to Wear Ankle Boots With Dress -Trend Ankle Boots”

  1. Ileana Villasmil says: Reply

    I absolutely love ankle boots but i’m a pretty short girl and every time i wear ankle boots i feel like a minion, Do you have any suggestions for me to not look like my legs are super short when wearing ankle boots?? my height is about 1.55 mts… that’s short… By the way! this is a great post, i totally loved it!

    1. Dear Ileana,

      Thank you for your comment. I will be glad if I can help you. 

      You are not short. Other people are longer than normal ;)).  You didn’t give some information about your body shape and weight. I am thinking they are normal also. 

      1 – If you can wear long heel you have to choice them. Your legs will be longer.

      2 – if your feet are not wide width. you can  choice the pointed nose shoes. Your legs also longer. 

      3 – You can prefer mini short without socks and same colour of ankle boots. ( brown, light brown )

      4 – if you wear different colour ankle boots you can wear same colour socks with boots.

      If you apply them your legs will be longer. 

      If you need more information please do not hesitate to contact with me.  



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