High Heels Shoes

High Heels Shoes

High heels shoes are always my favourite shoes. I love them. I think they are so sexy. It is not important what you wear. If you wear them with high heels shoes you will get attention all of people. They will be effected with your posture.


I love high heels shoes but you do not forget something when you wear.

  • You don’t wear for a long time in a day
  • You don’t walk or stand too much in a day
  • If you have more weight please be careful when you wear
  • When you walk please be careful
  • If you wear it first time please wear it at home a few days in advance to prevent damage to your feet

What Kind Of High Heel Shoes ?

There are some high heels shoes samples,

  • Stiletto Heels
  • Block Heels
  • Platform Shoes
  • Sandals Shoes
  • Pumps Shoes

Let us see some samples of high heels shoes 



I tried to give some details about type of shoes for women. If you think there are more kind of shoes please let me know that I can add it this writing.

If you need some ideas or you have more question about the best walking shoes for women, please contact with me I will be very glad to help you.

When do you need any idea about which shoes are better for you? or  what should wear today?  Please do not hesitate to write me, I am here for you.

If you don’t have any idea when you meet with your boy friend or you will have an important meeting with new customer and you couldn’t give any decision what you should wear today  please click  What Should You Wear Today page.

If you write a comment about your thinking I will be very very very thankful to you.

Thank you in advance for your valuable comments.

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  1. Great article !
    I love high heels, I have a complete blog on 5 inch high heels 🙂
    But you are right you have to know what it does to your posture, check out my article on high heels posture and tell me what you think.

    1. Hi Jessy,
      It is very nice to hear “you love high heels too ” I like your article which is very details about posture. I will give link to your article in my future article. Thank you.

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